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What is in the cupboard to help me today?

How about Ginger

Ginger belongs to the same family as turmeric and cardamom, and from ancient India and China to Greece and Rome, the rhizome (root) of ginger has been revered. Gingerbread, ginger beer and preserved ginger are all familiar products, but ginger is more than a seasoning – its medicinal properties have been valued and used throughout the ages.

The BBC has researched the benefits and lists them as the following:

Medicinal benefits

The many curative properties of ginger have been widely researched. When used on the skin, it can stimulate circulation and soothe burns. As a diaphoretic, it encourages perspiration and can therefore be used to help treat feverish conditions such as influenza or colds.

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What good items hide in your food storage cabinet?

How about Parsley?

This is a very versatile herb stuffed with nutrients. Particularly rich in vitamins A, C, and K.

The beneficial plant compounds and vitamins found in Parsley may protect against chronic diseases, provide antioxidant benefits, and improve bone, health.

The two most common types are Italian flat-leaf and French curly-leaf.showig their Mediterranean origins.

Over the years Parsley’s usage is a fresh culinary herb however, it has also bee used to treat conditions like allergies, inflammatory diseases, and high blood pressure.

Parsley often labeled as one of the most powerful disease-fighting plants offers great nutritional value and many potential health benefits.

Look what HealthLine says, a fabulous source of information written by Maria Zamarripa

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Hot Stone Massage in Much Hoole

Hot stone massage therapy has been used in many different cultures for many years. Healers used rocks from the river beds and warmed them either in hot coals or hot water. Placing the hot stones on cloth on the body and arranging them along the energy centres of the body would help to relax the muscles and reduce pain or discomfort, boosting a healing process.

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