Make healthier choices

It is a lot easier than you think!

Take Rosemary for example …..It is very simple to grow


Cut the stems from the plant and wash them
Dry thoroughly
Leave the rosemary leaves on the stems are they are much easier to remove once dried
Place the rosemary on a baking tray
Put it in the oven for one hour at the lowest setting
Bring the stems out after an hour and let them cool
Strip the leaves off the stems
Put it in a sealed jar


And there you have it… your own home grown herbs!!


If you’re feeling adventurous place the rosemary in some olive oil and seal the jar
Leave in the sunlight for a couple of weeks
You will then have the most delicious flavoured olive oil!


About Rosemary


Rosemary is a top note herb so has a beautiful aroma
It is very good for muscle and skeletal pain
You can use it with marjoram and chamomile
Care must to be taken if you have any heart conditions