Higher Nature – our new partner

We’ve partnered with Higher Nature who are all about helping you stay high on life!

High Nature believe good health is vital to enjoy all life has to offer. That’s why they take great care in creating supplements to help you live the best life you can.

They look all over the world for their ingredients and don’t settle for anything other than the best. Here are some facts about the products they have created:

  • Therapeutic levels of active ingredients to optimise health (often above NRVs – nutritional reference value, which replaced recommended daily allowance)
  • Developed by nutritionists based on the latest research
  • Ethically sourced with full traceability of ingredients
  • Free from artificial colours, preservatives and sweeteners (using stevia where possible)
  • Predominantly vegetarian (over 85% of the range) and vegan (over 75%)

See Higher Nature for more details.

Anyone wishing to place an order will receive 10% off by using this code 327046


Call me on 07970 633160 or email info@bayeeclinic.co.uk for more details.