What our clients say

I have been receiving treatments from Lea for several years now to treat different areas of discomfort and my body is always so much happier after a visit with a good night’s sleep.
Lea is professional, friendly and kind. I always come away with new information about how the human nody works.

I attended for treatment this morning at 10.30am. All I can say is I walked in with every part of me in a mess. Think of a car that has been through a crusher, an 1hour and a half later I came out brand spanking new. Ready for anything thrown my way. Thank you Lea I have missed your treatments see you in 4 weeks time x I will sleep well tonight.
Maureen Chadwick

Founder Diabetes Complete Care Ltd now trading as The Diabetes Lady

Having explored a wide range of NHS treatments to manage chronic hip pain with no perceived benefit in range of movements impeding my flexibility and giving rise to pain, I was delighted with your treatment. It gave me a higher level of flexibility supporting my passion for rock climbing enabling me to achieve my highest level of performance yet. CranioSacral Therapy is now part of my life story.

Helena Noble

Occupational Therapist

It is my pleasure and delight to provide a Testimonial for Lea Miller. She is a very professional therapist with a friendly patient focussed approach to CranioSacral Therapy and more than that she is an exceptionally gifted practitioner.

I have been a patient of Lea’s for nearly 10 years and I need to consult her as I experience periodic bouts of pain and discomfort. I initially consulted Lea because I was suffering pain in various areas, principally pelvis, shoulders and neck even though there was with no sign of injury or the injury had healed and during our first session, Lea explained about energy sists and how CST would help.

From our first meeting, I was impressed with Lea. She has a special friendly professionalism and deep stillness which immediately inspired my confidence in her and I felt I could trust her completely. At our first therapy session and every time I have consulted Lea she has solved my problem. She always calmly and with determination roots out the source of my pain or discomfort and connects the problem, on occasions, this has been quite complex. Such is my confidence in Lea as a therapist the sessions are a joy to experience.

More than this though is that Lea is an exceptionally gifted practitioner in CST. My reasons for saying this are that she always solves my gross pain issues, but moreover, I marvel at the way she is aware of my more subtle and deeper causes of my discomfort which I have been only partially aware of and grown used to.

Lea has solved these deeper issues too. I am very grateful to Lea for her help over the years and since meeting Lea and CST life has new dimensions in ways I can’t quite describe in words.

ln summary Lea is an exceptionally gifted therapist and healer who is successful in solving my pain and discomfort problems at every therapy session with her friendly professionalism and who inspires confidence.

Mark Strother

I met Lea around two years ago when I had injured my Achilles Tendons in both legs.

Since then, Lea has been treating me for numerous long standing ailments as well as my general personal wellbeing. She has a great knowledge of the human body and how it all works and is always happy to discuss and advise on various aches and pains.

I find Lea’s hands-on approach very rewarding and much more effective than a short consultation with a physiotherapist where you’re then left to undertake various exercises on your own.
There are so many occasions when I am busy and it would be very easy to miss an appointment but I always make the effort to go and always feel so much better as a result of my treatment.

I have been so impressed with Lea that I took her to Wigan Warriors to speak with their conditioning people, to see if she could help their injured players recover and get back to full health quicker.

Paul Mullins