Multi Hands Experience Day

Date: Saturday 18th March
Time: 9.30am—3.30pm
Multi Hands Experience Day
Light lunch provided.
Cost only £35.00

This multi hands experience day will be concentrating on two of the bodies diaphragms, pelvic and occipital cranial base.

Exploring their relationships and effects in relation to each other and the body as a whole.

Exchanging treatments, with the prospect of more than a one to one session.

We both look forward to working and learning with and from you. We are also happy to announce that Stephen Clark the technical director of the “Affordable biofeedback ” Vilistus project, a UK designed and developed EEG neurofeedback system will be with us.

Stephen’s explicit aim is to make this exciting new technology accessible to all will be us.

Stephen will be giving a brief talk on the neurofeedback system and then we will be using it in our sessions. Very exciting!

Contact Lea for more information