Upledger Community Programmes

The Upledger Community Programmes launched their inaugural event in November this year. What an amazing programme it was too!

A number of frontline emergency staff who have been through numerous traumatic experiences were treated during the course of the week with CranioSacral Therapy.

CranioSacral Therapy (CST) may be used for acute physical problems such as aches and pains throughout the body, or for emotional problems such as stress. It works with the whole body, listening to it and following what it requires.

Lea Miller, one of the qualified CST therapists at the event, commented, “To be a small cog in the powerful and gentle world of Cranio for this event touched me in the deepest way possible.  Bearing witness to the growing confidence, inner ability and finding of new pathways the client received, only further demonstrates what CranioSacral Therapy has to offer.”

During the week, Lea watched as each person acknowledged that they could change and move forward at their own individual pace to achieve their goals.

The feedback from those attending was extremely positive, so much so that a similar event is being planned in 2018.

Lea concluded, “To be able to support our frontline emergency staff in such a way was truly inspirational. Their courage and determination was a privilege to be a part of.”

Fundraising for the 2018 event has already started. To make a contribution or get involved please contact Lea Miller on 07970 633160.