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Free newborn baby CranioSacral Therapy session

We are offering a free first session of preventative CranioSacral Therapy (CST) to all new born babies who may have unresolved birth traumas.

Childbirth can be challenging for both a mother and a baby, more so for the baby as there are numerous potential factors that can cause shock, which in turn can give rise to the potential for long term affects for the child.

New-borns that may have merely become a little misaligned during their pregnancy journey or faced the challenges of assisted birthing can receive the positive and nurturing effect of CST. Therefore, CST supports the incredible inbuilt speed and efficiency and self control abilities of the child.

A wide variety of healthcare professionals from osteopaths, doctors, etc. to CranioSacral Therapists use CST for its positive effect on so many body functions.

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What does your skin say about you?

Much of how we are feeling is reflected in our skin, whether that’s blemishes, spots, a rash, bags under our eyes or glowing and radiant skin!

There’s a whole host of factors that affect our skin; diet, sleep, our general health, stress and free radicals! We know about most of these elements about what about free radicals? What are they?

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